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This stage will require a good knowlge of the processes an accurate. Assessment of the organization’s nes. As a manager, you have the right not to know the tails of the operational, everyday work of end users of the system. In such a situation, it is worth engaging. Representatives of various partments in the company to cooperate, who will use the new system in practice. During the pre-implementation analysis together with the technology partner. You will sign the information architecture, create a list of functional non-functional requirements. Plan the process of data migration from the current system, you will set the roles permissions of individual users of the system, you will fine the expect results of the implementation.

The supplier should have knowlge

Experience that will allow him to verify your ias. Translate them into effective technological solutions. Thanks to this, you will be able to go beyond the. Framework of the project jointly discover solutions that will be best for your business. Pro Tip The Ukraine Mobile Number List success of the entire project pends on the quality of the pre-implementation analysis. The more time you spend on interviews within your own organization an open dialogue with the. IT supplier about your expectations, the better system you will build. Thanks to this, you will be able to make inform cisions about various aspects of the software you orr. The effort put into this stage will allow you to avoid a large number of costly changes corrections in subsequent phases of the project.

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General outline of the sign solution. Bas on joint arrangements, the IT supplier will prepare a concept for you that will present the target information structure appearance of the system. You will receive, among others: global navigation project, coherent UK Email Database UX concept of the main screen the most important areas of the sign solution, information architecture sign, user experience concept sign, graphical interface sign for key screens (mobile sktop versions). After you accept the creative line, the next stage of the project, which is software velopment, will begin. Pro Tip At this stage, it is worth conducting UX research verifying the application sign with users.

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