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With target advertising you can  br image; point-wise increase sales for product categories by advertising promotional offers; attract the attention of social network users to your public or content on the site; create an interactive ad with products to interest the user even before going to the site for Facebook. Such ads are organically embd in the user’s fe as a separate post therefore are less prone to the effect of banner blindness. Payment formats are available for views clicks or a user action of your choice on the site. Advertising or PR publications are most to your own page but they can also be us to attract visitors to the store’s website.

Often us to attract an audience

Payment is usually bas on a flat rate per post or per view but if you already have a large active audience you can negotiate peer PR with other communities. Benefits of social mia advertising a huge selection of ad formats including interactive content; the ability UAE Phone Number List to establish constant contact with the audience through a public page; simple measurement of user activity advertising effectiveness. Equally important are the high involvement degree of trust of the target audience. Disadvantages of social mia advertising not suitable for all types of products in particular it will be.

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Difficult to attract direct buyers

For goods with a high check; not all types of advertising provide payment for the result; the audience segment with direct commercial intent is relatively low. SMM promotionDefinitely worth including in your advertising campaigns. This channel is effective both for attracting new Internet users for interacting with regular customers. FB ad UK Email Database example FB ad example Instagram ad example Instagram ad example Online store video advertising Ever since the advent of television the video format has become the most effective method of advertising. There are many platforms available on the web for posting commercials. The largest of them is YouTube.

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