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Significantly less capital is flush onto the market. The effects of this development are gradually ing felt by influencers and content creators. A study by an agency specializing in influencer marketing shows the first decline in orders in March. th to th around advertising contributions were madivid. A week later the numr fell percent to promotional influencer posts. The further developments of the Corona crisis will provide information about how the situation of influencer marketing will . Parallel to the shrinking order situation for influencers and content creators the minimization of social contacts is responsible for the fact that people are increasingly on the internet. As a result the increas frequency ensures an increase in reach on the corresponding channels.

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Reach brings responsibility The work of influencers has always en design to balance authenticity and marketing . This was the only way the supporters Luxembourg Phone Number List could build up the necessary trust.  important aspect of the industry even more importance and puts it in the spotlight. As collaboration requests in the industry dwindle influencers sometimes can’t picky about advertising partners. This is especially true for smaller content creators. This circumstance can cause a loss of authenticity and lead to displeasure among followers. In the current situation influencers are therefore fac with having to design their content appropriately.

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While not neglecting the economic aspect. addition to influencer marketing numerous other industries are affect by the economic and social cuts in the wake UK Email Database of the pandemic. Some areas are even coming to a complete standstill and are heading straight for economic collapse. Even if the feral government has provid a comprehensive aid package these industries are unlikely to do without collateral damage. Above all aviation is currently suffering greatly. The international aviation association IATA assumes in its forecasts that a loss of around billion dollarswill come to the industry. People no longer fly on vacation for fear of the corona virus or cannot use air travel due to entry bans and curfews. In addition more and more companies are cutting their.

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