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As explain by Marcin Sosnowski, director of SMB, the teaching program could inclu elements such as: communication, work unr stress, learning foreign languages, computer skills, legal issues, etc. CHECK THE MO VERSION Greater customer requirements? Appropriate tools ne Customer requirements for service partments are growing. Consumers want to be serv as soon as possible. They hope that their case will be settl “immiately. They communicate through different channels. At the same time, they expect that the history of their transactions and previous arrangements will be known during the next conversation. To meet this, call center partments must have dicat programs at their disposal. Focus Telecom Polska is a supplier of tools that facilitate communication with the client and shorten the connection waiting time.

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Results and preparing conversation scripts. In the first post about techniques that increase the effectiveness of bt collection, we scrib activities that make it easier to reach btors without wasting time. Today – it’s time for more morn List of Mobile Phone Numbers technologies: text messages, e-mails and handling incoming calls from btors. How to do it most efficiently? Morn technology in bt collection. Has the time come for it in your company? Discover the other bt collection techniques bas on a multi-channel automat communication system . Technique – SMS btors often do not want or are afraid to answer calls from bt collectors.

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Real repayment proposal, they can calmly consir it and stop avoiding conversations. Manually “tapping” the SMS by the bt collector is time consuming. And this is where morn technology comes in with the help of bt collection: it is better to use ready-ma SMS templates UK Email Database previously introduc to the system. Key data in SMS will be automatically fill in by the system. The bt collector only selects the name of the btor (or btors) from the list and clicks the option to send an SMS from a given template . Here is an example of a template: “Good morning On The adline for repayment of the cash loan in the amount of expir.

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