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The al handling process An employee who leaves takes his knowlge of customers with him customers are dissatisfi with the quality of service or are not serv at all. It is clear that such a state of service cannot be afford. Here, all in white, comes the BDC . What’s this? BDC (yes, yes, it’s an abbreviation for Business velopment Center) is simply an employee or team specializ in servicing the first contact with the client, equipp with a tool for multi-channel communication. A man arm with a system. Such a team relieves other employees of the obligation to communicate with the customer on the first line. That is, he als with: receiving inquiries and service visits, receiving commercial inquiries and directing them and arranging them with the right people in the right partments.

He also als with outgoing communication

Invitations to service and seasonal visits, satisfaction surveys , handling sales opportunities, performing up-sales campaigns, conducting special campaigns. In short: serves a customer who comes to the showroom with a service and sales Iceland Mobile Number List inquiry activates sales with outbound campaigns meets the importer’s requirements (satisfaction surveys, service campaigns, special tasks) Seriously. Why is it worth it? BDC helps in acquiring customers faster and prevents the loss of customers to the competition, but at the same time acquires new customers. It enables velopment , even in the difficult conditions in which we found ourselves due to the panmic.

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The system gives managers knowlge

Thus control over the processes of customer service and handling sales opportunities. Integrat and centraliz customer knowlge supports individual approach and better service quality . The BDC tool supports the work of people: it allows you UK Email Database to velop customer service, sales and team management by means of automation of communication processes. What is this automation? For example, on the integrat calendar of schul and schul contacts with customers and automatic notifications (texts and emails). On the conscious shaping of telephone communication – from the professional IVR menu , through queuing and rirecting calls unr heavy line load, to automatic callbacks to numbers from miss calls.

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