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At worst do you remember the dangers of submitting unsolicit  information ? Manual copying of data between systems, especially in the heat of work and when staff changes, can end badly. The above example – although it focuses only on the most serious consequences – shows a number of problems resulting from the lack of integration of systems. You have not integrat CRM and call center system – you will lose time Exporting and transferring a database from one system to another is unnecessary employee involvement. He has to enter the criteria of the target group in CRM, export the list, check its correctness (no “bushes” have been generat) and then upload it to the contact center system. He could do something else during that time.

Thats just the tip of the iceberg

Working on two separate systems, you’ll ne to do all the steps at least twice. Customer call and updat contact tails? You have to save first in one system, then in the other. Customer interest in product “X”? You have to save first in one system, then in the 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers other And so on. And if instead of interest in the product “X” in the second system, the consultant enters “Y”? Lack of integration of CRM and call center system? Expect mistakes When working on two systems, the risk of error increases drastically. Remember the simple rule from the post about automation ? Unr stress, we turn the steering wheel in the wrong direction % of the time.

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In the contact center in the heat

The campaign it can be hot. So the consultant can make a mistake. It may also fail to complete the data in the other system, or forget about it altogether. In all cases, the effect will be the same. CRM and call center system will lose cohesion Two copies of UK Email Database the same database will start living their lives very quickly. The typical human error rate in the workplace is to %, so let consultants have , opportunities to make a mistake a week, and each week the bases will differ from each other by , to , tails. Such differences lead to cumulative problems: – you waste time using outdat contact tails and looking for the right ones – you are contacting customers you should not be.

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