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A ticket system adapt to Polish realities The ticket system creat from the very beginn in Poland is adapt to the requirements of Polish customers and the Polish market . To begin with, a seemly trivial matter: fonts. In a foreign system, those that do not contain Polish characters may be us by fault . It is probably possible to customize and change the font, but it may also happen that it will be “sewn” into the system. And, for example, us to compose messages. Then your consultants will have to change the font every time they write an email. Also remember that GIODO imposes special obligations on companies process personal data outsi the European Union.

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Foreign system are not stor, and thus process, on servers outsi the EU? In addition, if you want to use the telephone channel to handle customer requests – and most ticket systems allow it – check whether the foreign system provir cooperates with Polish telecommunications operators . It’s very likely not. Instead, it is support by global provirs Venezuela Mobile Number List offer connections in Poland. They can cooperate with the Polish operator or engage another subcontractor The quality of connections may suffer as a result, and the resolution of possible problems will be much longer when individual subcontractors shift responsibility. What’s more, you may not be able to choose the number you would like to present.

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Zone you are interest in – if you can choose it at all. Ticket system in Polish abroad However, the ticket system creat in Poland and adapt to Polish UK Email Database conditions cannot limit you only to Poland. The global economy is a fact and sooner or later you will start serv customers who do not speak Polish . Then your ticket system nes to help you handle them in their own language by offer an internationalization option. If you want to learn more about internationalization, we have a separate blog article about it – click here to read it. In short, us the internationalization option of the ticket system: set customer service in any language – even the most exotic.

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