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After all it is from them that the ia and mechanics of morn gamification come from. As you can see, vio games are a huge market and so-call e-sports involve a lot of people. The best e-sportsmen can count on similar profits as “real” sportsmen – fame, high cash prizes, or the generosity of sponsors. Conclusion – we like to play and watch others play (what is football if not a game?). Participation in the game triggers positive emotions, allows you to relieve the negative ones and direct the innate ne to compete in increasing work efficiency. Hence the increase in motivation in % of employees using gamification, as indicat in the research.

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Motivation in of employees sounds tempting, a motivat employee performs his duties better and thus improves the results of your company. But According to the Gartner analytical company, % of attempts to use gamification will fail. Mainly due to Anhui Mobile Phone Number List poor sign and ia, or “overthinking”. Conclusion – introduce gamification in the contact center in a thoughtful way. Fortunately, in the contact center industry, customer communication systems already contain functions that you can use to “gamify” the work of your consultants with minimal effort. Gamification in the contact center – with ias Gamification in a contact center should be simple.

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The lives of consultants whose first task is to work efficiently, not to think about the rules of the game. Here are a handful of ias that only use the existing features of the Focus Contact Center system with the Focus sk module and do not require much UK Email Database effort. New agents will learn the job and the system through the mechanics of skill -bas routing , which you fine to only direct simple, routine cases or hassle-free clients to them . In this way, you can set several “experience levels” of consultants, to which they will move, after a certain time or after making a certain number of calls. ” Campaign and consultant goals ” module – ial for gamification.

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