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Even if you manage to copy the content, it’s hard to  traffic to the new domain blog engine. These disadvantages do not have the second option – your own CMS on your own hosting domain. The disadvantage for beginners is the ne to acquire basic technical knowlge. However, there is nothing to be afraid of – on the Internet you can easily find guides on how to choose a hosting, most providers allow you to quickly install various content management systems in a few clicks. The most popular CMS for blogging is WordPress So much has been written about its configuration that you will quickly find tips for beginners on how to launch your own website, choose a theme start the adventure with creating a blog.

The freom of action may seem overwhelming

Over time it will become a huge advantage of this for beginners may also be the ne to pay for hosting domain. You don’t have to worry about that either. The already mention numerous guides contain a comparison of current prices, at the very Italy Phone Numbers List beginning of your adventure you can count on promotions. Treat it as financing your hobby – PLN a year is probably a good price for less risk of losing content creat with passion? The decision is yours. Choose a template adapt to SEO What is behind this statement? First of all, the convenience of configuration, the lack of unnecessary additions ( page builders), as well as the freom to it the content, the correct styling of headers, highlights, links all kinds of lists or tables.

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Solution An important disadvantage

Don’t be afraid to test, create sample content with a title, subheadings, lists, a link, a table, see if the content displays the way you want it to. From the point of view of blog positioning, it is worth paying attention to the following aspects: displaying UK Email Database the title of the entry – on the subpage of the article it should appear in the page code as the H heading, on other subpages (categories, tags, homepage) – as the H heading or lower, preferably in the form of plain text (p tag), the ability to add widgets in the side panel footer – thanks to this you will have a chance to create sections, recommend articles categories, add links to your social mia display links to the latest entries on each subpage spe.

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