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Customers value convenience, and you save time so check if the complaint. Aandling system will allow you to place the complaint form directly on the website . After filling it in by the customer, the complaint is immediately entered into the system quickly and. Without unnecessary difficulties. You will also send any feedback notifications via a channel. Convenient for the customer ( SMS ), which has a very high impact on his satisfaction and loyalty . ) Automation and service scenarios You will master the complicated complaint process with automation you will set rules that, after receiving a complaint, will automatically notify the appropriate people in the company and set adlines for them to complete their tasks.

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Scenarios of handling complaints, you will not miss any stage and you will not make a mistake. ) Macros Macros will make life easier and speed up the work of your consultants handling complaints . Entering the complaint Luxembourg Mobile Number List parameters (category, priority, product, etc.) requires manual “clicking” through a number of boxes, which takes time and is a potential source of errors. If most of the complaints you receive are similar configure the appropriate macro, thanks to which your consultants will set their basic parameters with one click . ) Automatic customer notifications The customer is satisfied when he knows what is happening with his complaint.

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The client of each change in the status of his case (“acceptedche. Ckedwaiting for the expert’s opinion”, etc.) through the. Communication channel selected by him. ) Tasks Assigning tasks within the complaint handling system to individual UK Email Database employees will speed up, streamline and organize the process. The program for handling complaints will take care of the execution itself when the adline for the task is approaching, it will send a reminr to all interested parties. ) Light Agent The “Lekki Agent” user account will allow you to involve people who do not contact the client directly technicians, appraisers, accountants, IT specialists in handling complaints.

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