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How many documents do you ne to collect? What are the costs? Even if the customer does not get acquaint with all the information (and this is the case most often), the awareness that it is available works significantly to the advantage of the select company. The next and final step – gaining the customer’s trust in direct contact. The most important thing is the finish What does a person who cis to take out a loan do? He calls the select company or expresses interest by filling in the contact form on its website. And this is the key moment when the lenr can gain or lose a client forever. If the loan company does not call or write back to the customer within – minutes of filling out the form on the website – the customer goes to.

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There Similarly, if he fails to call the select lenr – he will call a competitor. Good quality and fast service is ultimately the most important element in acquiring borrowers. The winners are companies that the customer can contact very easily, without Austria Phone Numbers List waiting for a connection, and preferably in any way – be it by phone, e-mail or chat. That is why more and more loan companies are using multi-channel communication platforms such as Focus Contact Center . Thanks to Focus Contact Center, it is possible to: ruction of the average waiting time for connection to the company to a few seconds.

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Eho fill out the form or who fail to reach the company (callbacks within a specifi time, minutes from the customer’s action), automatic connections with the consultant who knows the type of loans best, contact with the client via chat and encouraging an uncid person visiting the website to talk to a consultant, providing customers with several communication UK Email Database channels and immiate collection of information from each channel to personalize loan offers. Meet Focus Contact Center comprehensive communication platform > Paying for competitors’ advertisements A common mistake of many companies in the short-term loan industry is to focus on the first three stages of customer acquisition (gaining their attention, interests and finally sire) and neglecting the fourth, contact with the customer itself.

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