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The first two days alt with the initial presentations of startups operating in various fields such as Tourism – creating platforms for attracting orienting foreign or local tourists including special experiences in their journey through Albania – or marketing, the sector of services, where ias rang from software solutions to the sign of innovative physical vices in function of business nes.The purpose of the program was to orient young people towards the world of entrepreneurship, to present the importance of acquiring the right mindset, the adventures challenges of this journey as well as the values ​​of veloping a healthy environment for cultivating entrepreneurship as a lifestyle.

In this intensive program, young

Ppeople receiv powerful doses of motivation, preparation to improve structure their business ia. They learn how to intify the right business mol, how to choose the most effective marketing strategy bas on the stage their business is at, how to better Italy Phone Numbers List pitch their venture to investors.It is worth noting that these days were not theoretical training, as the trainers mentors who were engag are important actors of the ecosystem of startups innovation in Albania.Preparation ucation came naturally where, in addition to presentations, conversations discussions with personal examples of successes or failures, riv from their several years of experience in running businesses in the environment where we live, were an important part.

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Gather together unr the Inovate

Group the trainers at this event were well-known personalities from the world of entrepreneurship in the country such as Tan Mezini (DuaPune), Zen Marku (HapI Combinator), Gerti Boshnjaku (New Mia Communications & Business Mag Albania), Tomi UK Email Database Kallanxhi ( Kushtrim Shala (ICTS Mia).Part of the program were also meetings with various mentors, where we mention Alban Duka, Gerion Treska, Engjëll Raklli, Erjon Çuni, Driton Musolli, etc., who engag with the startups to offer advice to assist them to notice new perspectives. new ways of looking at their ia.The experiences that were shar were very dimensional as they came from Silicon Valley New.

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