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Worth saving this data so that you can later the new crawl will match the old version. This way you can quickly verify that you haven’t miss any items. This action is crucial, in the reconstruction of large online stores. They usually have many thouss of products, which adds up to a huge number of URLs to take care of. settings Take care of the appropriate robots meta tags Meta robots tags correspond to, among others for informing search engine robots whether a given subpage is to be index. When rebuilding the website, it is worth taking care of their proper implementation, because omitting this aspect can mess up a lot.

Robots meta tags are also helpful

In case of duplicates or other unnecessary elements. The ‘noindex’ tag prevents the subpage from being index in the search engine, thus blocks the possibility of getting to it from organic search results. This option works well when creating new addresses or Jamaica Phone Number List making changes to existing ones. Test or unfinish builds will not show up create clutter. However, it is worth remembering that after the reconstruction of the site, it should contain ‘index’ ‘follow’ tags Many people forget about this detail, which significantly affects the visibility position of the website.

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Updating or completely moving

Move content meta tags In the case of  the website to a new address, you must also remember to download the previous content meta tags – of course, if they were optimiz for SEO. The text available on the website is crucial from the positioning point UK Email Database of view. It contains key phrases for which given subpages can rank in the search engine. Without quality content, it is impossible to rank high attract traffic. Unique meta tags, title description, are also necessary. Meta title is responsible for the title of the subpage, which will be display to users in the tab in the search engine. The meta description, on the other  is a description that briefly states what can be found on the page.

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