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Rules – these are the so-call triggers, conditions for triggering the tag. They detect specific actions on your website that will be track. The tag you designate can be trigger on events such as submitting a form or clicking on a given field. Variables – allow you to check whether the condition of a given rule has been met. They are us in both rules tags. GTM includes built-in variables, but you can also create your own set. Data layer – a JavaScript object that is us to store temporary data. I use them later tags, rules variables. They may concern, for example, product data, transaction data or customer information. An important part of the GTM system are also containers that store tags implement on a given page.

Design one container should

Only be us for one page. This way you will avoid clutter among your codes. elements that make up Google Tag Manager Information source Google Support How to install GTM? To start using Google Tag Manager, you ne to sign in to your Google Hungary Phone Number List Account. Then, in order to create a new container, click on the Create account field creating a Google Tag Manager account Select your account name then the country you are in. adding a Google Tag Manager account Below you will have to fill in information about the name of your container ( name of your website). You must also select a specific type from the list provid.

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Google Tag Manager container configuration

After creating the container, the next key thing is to implement Google Tag Manager If you have chosen a website option, you ne to paste special codes UK Email Database on it to install GTM. You will find them in the top section by clicking on your unique GTM container ID. The first one should be in the <head> part as high as possible. The second one should be past directly after the opening <body> tag. The easiest way to add these fragments is to use the CMS on which your site is plac. Thanks to the plugins available on it, you can do it extremely quickly.

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