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A call from a given Client is rirect to agents with the same skills. Thanks to this, the customer can immiately present his problem to the right person, without first scrib the situation, which saves him and his agents time. Another option is profit-bas rout , rirection accord to the importance of numbers in the database. The number is intifi for incom calls. If the number is in the database, the system checks the weight assign to it. The higher the weight, the faster the connection will be handl. What’s more, the system can rirect calls to a consultant with whom a conversation has already been conduct . Thus, by intify the phone number, it will direct the caller to an agent who is already familiar with the problem.

This simple mechanism gives

Positive experience and a sense of special treatment. Its effect is to assign a supervisor to the case, which also significantly shortens the handl time, eliminat the ne to translate the problem. Artificial intelligence and telemarket However, artificial intelligence Algeria Mobile Number List is not only necessary for operation. It has also appear in telemarket . A good example is AMD, or Answer Machine tection, a voicemail tection system. This feature has been available on the market for a long time, but it was improv a few years ago thanks to morn algorithms. Thus, the system can, on the basis of appropriate data, disconnect the connection in the first seconds of its duration, after tect a voicemail.

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Thanks to morn technologies groups

Can have an efficiency of over , with a maximum tection time of up to seconds. In of cases, however, it is up to second . Compar to olr mail tection methods, the effectiveness was – , which means that in the case of to calls, the system did not tect the mail, transferr UK Email Database the call to a consultant who wast his time. What does all this mean for us? We will probably find out in the near future. When it comes to business solutions – the percentage of us artificial intelligence in them will certainly increase. Does this mean that robots will replace us? NO. At least for now, we don’t have to be afraid of science-fiction scenarios. And what will happen in a dozen or so years ? We’ll see.

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