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He sees that the manager is busy, so he cis to ask for help in a moment. And here the phone rings again A moment turns into an hour – in this time the VIP customer is already threatening the court of sales of your company. In clear, soldierly words. How many times has it happen that consultants downplay important matters, or vice versa, in trivial matters they organiz a r alert, ma “stupid” mistakes? Automation of business processes – intelligent help How to ruce human error in such situations? The automation of processes in the company comes to the rescue. Morn customer contact management software coupl with the functionality of handling notifications – such as.

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Module – allows you to fine appropriate actions in response to specific events. How does it look in practice? You build a rule in the system: “if event X occurs, perform action Y.” That is: you set event phone call from VIP customer”. Then you Conduit CN set what the system will do in response to event which is action – “set priority to high “. Activities can be combin. For example, “set priority to high , rirect the call to the appropriate agent, notify the manager.” So your process automation rule looks like this: If a VIP client calls, set the priority of the case to high, rirect the call to a competent consultant, notify the manager.” You also set the criteria on the basis of which the system will select.

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Competent consultant in advance

Can be for example, high personal culture, experience in working with this particular client, or the ability to al with difficult cases. You also give your customers VIP status yourself. When the system tects (by recognizing the phone number) that a Very UK Email Database Important Customer is calling, it will automatically rirect him to an experienc consultant, set the priority at a sufficiently high level, and notify the manager that he should pay close attention to this particular case. Everything will happen in a fraction of a second, without mistakes or wonring what to do. Automation of business processes – it works Let’s go back in time. A customer calls your service sk.

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