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What problem Satisfy the high ne for sales while maintain the quality of service Agents work on a commission basis, so they ne tools that will facilitate their sales and help manage data to achieve the highest possible results, even in the first contact. It is also important to be able to view the tail contact history in orr to personalize it and ensure the quality of the after-sales contact . Accord to the Global Consumer Insurance Survey conduct by EY, over the last year and a half, % of customers have had no contact with their insurer , and approximately % of customers change service provirs or resign from policies – these data concern the European market, includ Poland.

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The pillars of high-quality customer service. With a low number of calls, we lose both potential customers and discourage regular customers . Especially in the insurance industry, where customer contact is by finition rare, and therefore much Colombia Mobile Number List more pends on the assessment of a sle contact . Long wait times for connections are one of the most dislik features of contact service provirs by customers . An additional problem for the company may also be the inability to handle all incom telephone inquiries due to telephone channel limitations.

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The solution here will be among others

Increas the capacity of the telephone channel , lift the limit on the number of outgo and incom calls, shorten the wait time for a connection with a consultant by queu calls , registers of contact attempts , thanks to which calls from customers who disconnect UK Email Database while wait are not lost – consultants they can call them back. Improv the callback rate will increase customer satisfaction with the service and ensure that we do not lose customers due to unsuccessful contacts. Query support A common problem in handl inquiries is the consultants’ lack of access to the central database , which automatically forces customers to provi their data or scribe their case again, because the consultant does not know the history of contacts.

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