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Share the article add to Favorites At the beginning of the year. The tax authorities receive many requests for interpretation regarding the appropriate lump sum rate on register income. Unfortunately, there is a problem with this, because the tax authorities do not always take a position on such matters. Why? Natural persons inherit enterprises earning revenues from. Nonagricultural economic activity may pay a flatrate income tax in the form of a lump sum on register revenues. Read in LEX I FSK , PKWiU classifications in individual interpretations. Judgment of the Supreme Administrative Court Read in LEX I GSK , Vehicle classification to the appropriate PKWiU or CN symbol.

Judgment of the Supreme Administrative

Court Meet TAX Alert a breakthrough solution for. Accounting offices tax offices! Thanks to TAX Alert, you can quickly prepare send your customers a newsletter about changes in law taxes Business activity within the meaning of the Act on Germany Mobile Number List flatrate income tax means gainful activity manufacturing, construction, trade, service, consisting in the search for, exploration extraction of minerals from deposits, consisting in the use of things intangible legal assets conduct on one’s own behalf, regardless of its result, in an organiz continuous manner. When determining the appropriate tax rate, the Polish Classification of Products Services PKWiU introduc by the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of September , is of importance.For example, the Polish.

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Classification of Products Services

Understs as services all activities provid to economic entities conducting production activities that do not directly create new tangible goods services for production all activities provid to national economy entities to the population, intend for the purposes UK Email Database of individual, collective general social consumption. These things are not always simple. The classification of individual revenues from the services provid to a specific PKWiU symbol is made by the taxpayer himself This issue is not regulat by the provisions of the tax law, but only by those provisions in accordance with Art of the Tax Ordinance Act may be subject to individual interpretation.

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