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Rrogramm number dialing, is a powerful and necessary tool in a morn callcontact center. pending on its class, the effects of use are impressive or only morately satisfactory. How to choose the best variant? Prictive dialing is the most advanc automatic call initiation mo bas on artificial intelligence algorithms . When using it, the agent receives to  which are set up during his previous conversation. When a call is receiv, a tab with customer tails opens on the agent’s screen. The system automatically filters out calls to voicemails, unanswer or busy numbers. The agent doesn’t waste time waiting for a call, terminating fail calls, or searching for customer data. In the case of unsuccessful connection attempts, the system sets the next date of contact with a given customer.

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The set of benefits of prictive dialing is often up to % increase in efficiency , higher callback rate, shorter campaign implementation time. Only with programmable dialing can you achieve the highest CPH (calls per hour – the number of calls ma by one agent UK Mobile Number List per hour or the number of minutes spent on a call per hour). With top-of-the-line prictive tools, agents can spend – minutes per working hour on calls (the rest of the time is for taking notes on calls). However, the results achiev with programm dialing are highly pennt on the quality of the solution us. Algorithm errors At the heart of.

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The programmable dialing mo is an algorithm that can  calls should be initiat . The system sets up another connection for a given agent while he is still talking (in industry jargon – the system “over-dials” the connection). When the algorithm works UK Email Database perfectly and there are no interruptions, the interlocutor answers the call at the moment when the agent has just finish the previous call. When the algorithm does not work properly, one of two situations occurs: the system over-calls too few calls – agents lose time waiting for the next calls, productivity creases, agents’ labor costs per number of calls ma increase, too many calls are ma by the system.

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