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To quote Wikipia, a sales lead is A consumer, individual or company that is potentially interest in a particular product or service.” This means that the term can refer to both BC BB models. For this reason, you should be specific about what kind of customers you want to reach. Only on this basis can you plan your lead generation strategy. Only in this way will you be able to choose the right tactics that will be most effective in a given business model. In addition, leads can be divid into on Hot leads – entities that know your offer, show interest are ready to make a purchase; Warm leads – entities that show interest in your offer, but are not yet convinc to buy; Cold leads – entities that show little or no interest in your offer, but may decide to buy in the future.

Right information about each lead

It is also important to get the . They should primarily contain basic data, such as name surname, telephone number, e-mail address or other means of contact (in the case of BB, data for the decision-making person). However, the collection of Honduras Phone Number List information does not end there. It is also important to classify the lead in terms of the degree of interest, expectations or readiness to buy. In this way, you can take personaliz actions that will increase the chances of successive sales Why is LinkIn a good place for lead generation? There are many different tools with which effective lead generation is possible. Currently, however, the classic telephone calls (cold calling) or mailing (cold mailing) are slowly being abon.

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Particular LinkIn  are gaining in popularity

Social networking sites, in So what speaks for it? According to the Digital report , in February this year LinkIn had as many as million users in Pol. This number is probably constantly growing, which means that this portal gathers a lot of specialists from various industries. An extremely useful option is the ability to filter users – this way you are able to clearly UK Email Database define who exactly you want to reach. This solution significantly facilitates the selection of users who may be potentially interest in the offer. Correctly identifying the people you will contact can translate into generating sales leads. In addition, LinkIn is a platform where you will find decision-makers from many companies, which allows you to contact without the secretariat.

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