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In the spring of this year, the company became part of the global Goldman Sachs Asset Management group. The entire architecture of this system is bas on. Microservices – there are exactly of them. Each of them performs tasks relat to a strictly fin part of the business functions perform by the application. Microservices are responsible for logging in users, managing service processes in the application or for sending text messages with authorization cos to customers. case studies A new transactional website for NN Investment Partners clients See case studies. Do microservices have disadvantages? Of course In addition to the unniable advantages, this solution also has its dark sis.

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Architecture or more difficult testing bug. Tracking in the application, if a given process must use the services of many. Microservices. An additional gree of. Complication is the presence of a network layer in communication between application Singapore Mobile Number List components. The sign of the architecture of each solution should be prec by a thorough business analysis. Therefore, before each implementation, a dicat team of e- specialists works to get to know all the client’s nes to propose a solution that will enable actual velopment. We already know that the constantly growing popularity of. Microservices has a clear confirmation in business this is the future direction for software sign.

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Optimization See case studies Lukasz Krukowski System Architect | Board Representative for Systems Architecture How to build a self-service portal? implementation examples for market lears % of consumers expect brands to provi them UK Email Database with / online self-service solutions. The high level of self-service on the web has become a goal in virtually every industry, self-service portals are a tool that allows you to achieve it. % of cision makers in companies are aware of this admit that their organization should velop solutions relat to self-service. Download our ebook learn about the benefits of implementing personaliz self-service solutions that we have implement for leading companies on the Polish foreign markets.

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