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Customer Card and Notes (CTI) – work directly on the customer’s card, with immiate, easy access to all information about the customer and the entire history of his communication with the company. In addition to the automatic record of data, consultants can make their own notes, facilitat further contact with the client. Overflow queues – a special type of telephone queues to handle emergency situations. When the wait time on the hotlines increases (due to a large number of callers or time-consum matters), calls wait too long on the line are direct to other, appropriately train employees. Prioritization – giv priority to specific agents, clients, or select communication channels.

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Of queu calls on hotlines, in which return customers are serv by consultants with the most appropriate set of skills ( they know a given stination or speak a specific language). Profit bas rout – velopment of skill bas rout, which additionally enables Hungary Mobile Number List serv customers with the highest sales potential in the first place. Record – record conversations with agents and clients, archiv them and listen to them at any time. The records help to resolve disputes, serve as evince when consent to data process, as well as support dur consultant train. Scripter – an advanc extension to the client’s card, enabl the creation of extensive call scripts for consultants.

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Help them in conduct effective sales

Fulfill the information obligation, as well as obtain all necessary consents for the process of personal data. Sales campaigns – a set of tools for runn UK Email Database full, integrat campaigns. The use of databases contain full knowlge of the customer’s shopp preferences and history allows for effective up-sell of services, send personaliz notifications about offers of interest, as well as cross-sell. Focus SiteCall – an automatic form that facilitates and spes up telephone contact with website visitors, increas the number of website conversions and thus increas sales.

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