The tools are good When approaching competition

Everything is known Often, when you enter phrases relat to the company’s offer into Google, it suddenly turns out that it is completely different. The top places not by local rivals, whom you look at every day with disapproval, but by completely unknown companies that have creat a professional Ling Page for keywords of interest to your potential customers. As a result, it is not you or even your competitor from the neighborhood that earns money, but a business from outside the immiate area that sells an offer online over the phone. Sometimes it reaches the customer even several hundr kilometers, because it is profitable for both parties.

This is your real competitor in the search results

In the case of stores, it is even more difficult. Industry giants, marketplaces large advertising websites regularly appear at the top of the search results – such as Allegro, Amazon OLX, also, depending on the range sold, Zalo, Domodi, x-kom or Empik. Will Job Function Email List it be easy to skip them in the search results – definitely not. Is it possible – yes, but with a large budget even more patience. Competition analysis, however, may show niches from which it is worth starting positioning, which will give a chance for real earnings in a time certainly shorter than in the case of activities aim at competing with giants.

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The real competitors at least at the beginningwill

Be stores that are also trying to develop the same niche. Remember that the basis for effective competition analysis is not the results visible in Google or tools, but a thorough familiarization with the propos pages. Be sure to check whether UK Email Database your theoretical competitor has products or services similar to yours in its assortment, whether its target group is similar to yours. Often, the homepage itself does not reveal the details, but only after a longer review it turns out that several services or products coincide with what you sell.

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