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Thanks to a wellconstruct database in miniCRM. We can use the potential of the contacts we have gather. miniCRM is an element of the contact center platform. Which is a repository of knowlge about all contacts in all campaigns that are support on the platform. Information is collect about each contact in miniCRM data, enter knowlge, interaction history. From the level of miniCRM, you can supervise and manage work on contacts. miniCRM is a tool necessary for companies that communicate with customers through multiple channels and work on multiple campaigns, and at the same time want to be able to create new campaigns and target recipients.

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Service and sales partments and allows for the. Maximum use of the potential of the database of contacts. What problems does miniCRM solve? Access to the full history of customer contact necessary for highquality customer service No more Norway Mobile Number List duplication of contacts the duplication mechanism can be run on the entire contact database Precise contact filter – Convenient database search Contact management simple pinn of contacts to individual actions; promotion, sales or service Knowlge about contact at every stage the ability to enter any amount of data.

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Are call up Of course, the reasons for the customer not answer the phone can be very different and therefore it is worth us different call strategies (as we wrote about in previous articles on handl no contact ). The orr in which numbersrecords are UK Email Database call is an important feature in a good contact center. It allows for strategic treatment of contacts termin the orr and importance of dial numbers. It allows the user to fine the orr and parameters of call contacts. You can fine as many of these strategies as you want in this sett, although only one strategy can be us per campaign. Thanks to this, you can set priorities in contacts and treat different cases individually.

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