frequently asked questions about NPS and its relevance

The NPS is easy to set up, inexpensive and simple to measure. It allows companies to react quickly to a deteriorating situation and to implement very targeted actions to improve general satisfaction. Through this indicator, companies make informed decisions and develop their activities.

Thanks to online survey software, it is very easy to use this indicator. It can be integrated into a barometer that will be regularly distributed to your customers. It then becomes possible to follow its evolution over different periods.

What are the most frequent criticisms of the Net Promoter Score

With the online questionnaire solution like Drag’n Survey, it is even possible to integrate a Net Promoter Score question  into an online questionnaire.All you have to do is share it with your customers by email, via a web link, a QR Code or even in paper format. It is also possible to trigger the sending of the questionnaire directly from a CRM.

The data collected is then reinjected into the customer file within the CRM. Thus, you will raise alerts and put in place actions with dissatisfied Iran Phone Number List customers. In addition, you will be able to select groups of customers and set up highly targeted marketing campaigns. For example, the NPS is most often used to assess customer service or after-sales service. This makes it possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company and to improve them.

The Net Promoter Score has become a popular

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tool for measuring customer loyalty and level of satisfaction. However, this indicator is far from perfect and has drawbacks. First of all, the NPS is very limited in its scope. It does not take into account the different nuances and different levels of customer satisfaction.

It is limited to a single question: “Would you recommend our company to a friend or colleague?” and in some cases does not take into account the more detailed UK Email Database opinions of buyers. In addition, the NPS does not provide precise quantitative data either . It is limited to a numerical score that can be interpreted in different ways. This score cannot provide a detailed analysis of the various factors that influence the level of customer satisfaction.


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