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Customers complain about too slow service, lack of individual treatment or the ne to re-enter information that has already been provid once. The RESO insurance brokerage company cid to take better care of its clients and for this purpose it cid to use a communication platform coupl with a central database – read the implementation case study. Meet Focus Contact Center comprehensive communication platform > resoplresopl is an insurance broker with nationwi reach. , insurance agents cooperate with the company throughout the country. The company also conducts international cooperation – it is the general partner of the Latvian insurance company BTA Insurance Company SE. PROBLEM As a result of an internal audit, three areas requiring improvement were.

Diagnos in the company They were difficulties

In contacting customers with the company not fast enough service insufficient work efficiency Difficulties in contacting customers with the company concern mainly the telephone channel. Its capacity was limit and allow only simultaneous Canada Mobile Number List calls to all partments of the company, including incoming and outgoing calls. Unable to reach the company by phone, customers tri to contact using the phone numbers of individual employees or social mia. It was not possible to tell how many customers fail to call back, nor was it possible to call them back. These customers were potentially lost to the company. Customer service (as well as insurance sales) was too slow, because consultants did not have access to a central database.

Phone Number List

Where information about previous contacts

With the customer would be collect. During the conversation with the client, the consultant could not quickly check the client’s insurance history or register claims, his contact tails, the report subject of insurance, general or specific exclusions, compensation limits, or preferences and expectations in terms of offers and service. Insufficient work efficiency UK Email Database was relat, on the one hand, to the lack of easy and quick access to customer data scrib above, and, on the other hand, to the lack of employee monitoring. The company did not have a system to monitor the readiness to work or breaks of consultants. ? Presentation of the Ticket System and Workflow Presentation plan: Main problems of managing customer requests A tool for automating and processing notifications (ticketing, workflow) Basic KPIs for monitoring the effectiveness of processes.

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