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Customize Know the client, his problems or preferences is an additional plus for your company, which shows him/her that he/she is treat individually. And the feel of be unique and individually serv increases the customer’s trust. For this purpose, you will once again ne CRM, which gives consultants insight into customer information. Be proud of your knowlge A telemarketer must be competent , as this builds his cribility. The greater the cribility, the greater the public’s trust and the greater the range of real influence.” (Królik, : p. ) Therefore, try to answer all the client’s questions. Don’t brush it off or literally say “I don’t know.

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You have to know everyth (after all, it is impossible even in a narrow section of knowlge), but always try to come across as a competent person. If you are unable to provi the client with relevant information, present it in an appropriate manner, “accord to my information, , but I will try to check it even more thoroughly and call you back” or “I will try to Tongliao Phone Number List make sure about this with person in charge of…” Inform Transparency is now one of the most important elements of build trust. Research shows that today’s consumer wants to obtain as much information about the product as possible without hav to provi their own data . Enforc data certainly ruces customer confince.

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Information and transparency are  a good mol for build a long-term relationship with the consumer and his trust . Customer trust will be most easily achiev with the right balance between the two, enabl greater collaboration between the online business and its UK Email Database customers.” (Hoffman, Novak, Peralta: , p. ) Such cooperation can, of course, take place by telephone due to the sire to contact a live person. Listen So simple, yet so rare. It seems that empathy is a niche feature today, and yet everyone wants to be listen to. Therefore, it is an important key to the profession of telemarketer, which is also worth practic (after all, we are not born emotionally mature.

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