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Better customer journey  customer experience. Better tailor reports   Analysis function   No sampling   machine learning   GA setup with Google Ads  Who should. Implement Google Analytics ?   E-shop owners   Website developers   Mobile application developers  GA  Google Analytics for Firebase services – GA service  mobile application  Google Analytics Setup. Assistant  Will Google Analytics replaceGoogle Analytics Universal? We will comprehensively implement Google Analytics on your website Contact us! WHAT IS GOOGLE ANALYTICS? Google Analytics is the latest service offer by Google, which allows you to measure  analyze data that this tool collects from connect websites mobile applications.

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The collect data is then analyz  the report creat on their basis is visible in one panel Thanks to this, it becomes possible to measure the involvement of users  the subsequent optimization of the website Moreover, according to many analysts, this Denmark Cell Phone Number List method is much better than the current model of tracking with tools such as (Universal Analytics) ANALYTICS  OTHER DIFFERENCES BETWEEN GA  UNIVERSAL ANALYTICS Although seemingly similar, the two services differ in several aspects The most important differences between them include: A different way of collecting data – GA collects  stores data in a slightly different way What’s more, it reports data in a slightly different way Compar to GA , Google Analytics only provides access to stard tools.

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Another model for measuring activity – Google Analytics uses sessions In contrast, in GA , events become the reference point, events with parameters that can be measur Thus, in the subsequent stages, it becomes easier to analyze them in detail No limits on the number of collect hits – in the latest GA , the number of collect events is unlimit Beyond UK Email Database the mix-name events limit for mobile apps This, in turn, comes down to significant savings  makes the use of paid Google Analytics completely unprofitable Free data export to BigQuery – known to users of Google Analytics BigQuery, ie a raw data database management system, is available in GA completely free of charge This enables eg multilevel data analysis However, these are not all the advantages of using GA  However, there are many more reasons to use Google Analytics.

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