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EPC also enables the use of services provid to velopment teams in the PaaS (Platform as a Service) mol. The applications that we offer bas on EPC are usually custom, “tailor-ma” systems. Thanks to this solution, the client can focus on livering content and configuring processes, and the entire process of maintaining the application and ensuring its availability lies with e-. How to build a self-service portal? DOWNLOAD THE EBOOK The e- private cloud is sign primarily to work with static resources, unchangeable by external factors, such as increas traffic. Such a mol suits large customers – resources are prepar in excess to be able to handle possible increases, and the costs of infrastructure operation are fix and prictable.

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Responsible for both the physical and virtual infrastructure dicat to the systems, you can efficiently communicate with the client and, if necessary, quickly provi additional resources. EPC also allows you to add specific resources (for example, another CPU or RAM upgra) where ne. In a public cloud, it is rarely possible to buy a single element, so it may Turkey Mobile Number List be necessary to buy another package, which – apart from the necessary resources – will contain services that are not ne at the moment, and consequently will cost more. How did the EPC implementation for NN TFI look like? The cooperation between e- SA and NN investment Partners TFI so far has result in two successful projects: a corporate portal and a digital onboarding system for the society’s clients.

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Mutual trust and unrstanding. Which allow us to move on to another joint venture – a platform for inpennt investment in funds – NNTFI l . The architecture of the portal and onboarding system was sign to effectively use microservices, hence the natural next step in the case of the investment platform was to maintain the same application platform. The UK Email Database microservices that make up the NNTFI l platform are run as containers in the Docker technology. Thanks to containers, each element can be run as an isolat operating system with a ready-to-use application, without the ne to emulate the entire hardware layer. In the case of an environment focus on high availability, where microservices are duplicat and additionally run on many servers, a special launching platform is ne.

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