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Despite not being involv. in Lululemon’s day-to-day operations, Wilson remains a major shareholder, holding an 8% stake. Currently, Wilson, along with his wife and five sons, runs a holding company call. Hold It All. This company is involv. in investments spanning apparel, real estate, and private equity. In terms of investments, Wilson has stakes in Anta Sports.

One and currently drives for The Toronto Stock  Aston Martin.

A Chinese activewear company, as well as Amer Sports, the parent company of renown. brands like Salomon, Arc’teryx, and Wilson. No wonder he became one special data  of the wealthiest people in Canada. 10. James Irving Net Worth: $5.5B Age: 95 James Irving is the owner of J.D. Irving, a diverse conglomerate encompassing more than two dozen businesses ranging from frozen foods and retail to shipbuilding and transportation. One notable facet of the conglomerate is its timber and forestry operations bas. in New Brunswick, which have seen the planting of over a billion trees since 1957. The roots of this family empire trace back to the 19th century when James Irving’s grandfather left Scotland to establish a general store and delve into lumber and farming enterprises.

No wonder he became one of the wealthiest people in Canada.

Over time, their fortune expand., notably in the 1920s when James’ father diversifi. into oil operations. Following his father’s passing in 1992, the assets were divid. among the UK Email Database  three brothers: James, Arthur, and John. A crucial division of J.D. Irving, known as Irving Woodlands, stands as the sixth-largest landowner in the Unit. States, boasting an impressive 1.25 million acres of land. James Irving’s sons, Jim and Robert Irving, now serve as co-CEOs, overseeing the extensive J.D. Irving empire, which includes being a major player in Canada’s shipbuilding industry. No wonder he appears in our list of the richest Canadians. Also Read: Top 10 Richest Women in India 11. Mark Scheinberg Net 

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