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Introduction of the Focus sk helpsk system, includ the follow functionalities: Multi-channel integrat various communication channels – telephone, e-mail, web form, chat, SMS; Automatic registration of applications and ongo information about the status of the application; SLA automation remind about the expir adline for resolv the request; Automatic or manual link of tickets ; An extensive report system ; Monitor the work of consultants; Hint and call listen function ; Internal communication – the ability to assign requests between consultants, add internal notes, contact history; Calendar of callbacks and notifications; Light Agent.

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With a heavy load, thanks to automation. Ruc the average time of handl requests by % in compar to . Shorten the average wait time for a connection with BOK by % ​​in compar to . Complete elimination of requests with exce SLA time. Before the Ireland Mobile Number List implementation of the Focus sk system , work with the ever-increas number of requests was ineffective. Thanks to the system support everyday work, we have increas efficiency and minimiz the number of errors ma. What’s more, the ability to view all indicators of our work allow for better quality control and velopment towards the latest standards of customer service. Without the right system, it would be unattainable.

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How to quickly find the necessary information so that the customer does not have to wait long, or worse, tell each consultant his request from the beginning – this is the everyday life of contact center employees. A reliable connection between the CRM system UK Email Database and customer communication management software significantly facilitates the functioning of the contact center. Your consultants will serve customers faster and better, working on a centraliz database, with immiate access to the necessary information display on one screen. In the previous post, we point out such factors as the lack of system integration, such as: the risk of contact with a customer who does.

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