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One of the most recent such cases was the. Development of a new online store for the STVOL chain of arms stores. Our specialists creat a new site for it deeply integrat it with the C database. It was about a huge catalog of products – about thous commodity items. Now the site displays the availability of individual goods by the piece – for each warehouse store of the network. Online store for the network of arms stores STVOL The catalog has been given maximum flexibility. Full integration made it possible to filter products both by br by purpose search using labels. Dozens of characteristics are taken into account. Filters characteristics in the online store Now both the new the old price are add to the product card.

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Of buyers to great deals. Product cards in the online store On the new site synchronization with C works much faster. Particular attention was paid to the spe of page loading search because the average site visitor does not wait for loading for more than three South Africa Phone Number List seconds. The development of the project is ongoing but it has already borne the first fruits. Website conversions have increas significantly. Proper integration of an online store with C is just one of the important pillars of e-commerce. It will not be able to reveal itself to the fullest if the site has a weak UX design a slow user flow. What is back-end development Content What is a back-end.

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Of back-end development Backend development services from The backend is the basis of all the basics for any Internet resource. Even if you come up with implement a beautiful picture it will not work on its own because it lacks the main part of the functionality. In the last article we talk about what a frontend is today we will help you underst the UK Email Database backend underst what it is how it works. This will help you better underst all the processes during the development of software for your business. What is a back-end What is a back-end The backend is the server side of any site or application which is responsible for everything that actually happens but you do not see it on your screens.

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