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Therefore internal improvements increase the effectiveness of almost channels. Now let’s take a closer look at how to promote an online store using search engine optimization. Website competitor analysis At this stage it is necessary to analyze everything that will help determine the current state of the resource the situation on the market form a good strategy bas on the information. Site analysis. During the audit specialists study the current semantic core link profile overall visibility of the web resource in search results. It is also necessary to evaluate the structure content to detect errors that may adversely affect the further stages of promotion.

Audit of competitors Who are the leaders

In your niche How do they attract buyers What methods of promoting an online store are us These other questions will be answer in the process of researching competitors. Collecting the semantic core A very important stage that affects the results of promoting Turkey Phone Number List an online store is the formation of a semantic core. It implies the selection of keywords that meet queries on the subject of the site. The scale of the SA is determin by the structure of the resource. In the case of an online store there are usually thouss of pages so the semantic core will be very large.

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The structure of the online store

After working out the semantic core it is necessary to distribute the keys among the sections of the site. At the same time a certain group of requests must fully correspond to the theme of the page. Let’s look at an example We have an online store of technology UK Email Database electronics. Such high-frequency keywords as buy a laptop will be plac in the section with laptops. But for a specific query buy a Dell laptop it is better to make a separate subcategory. The visitor is unlikely to want to search on the page among the heaps of products for the one he nes.

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