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Bas on this fact Google’s neglect of the Mërgim Cahani, together with his partners Ercan Canhasi Diogjen Elshani, found the Albanian-language search engine Gjirafa. But like the giraffe, (an animal known for its rapid growth), from a search engine, the Giraffe AdNetwork, an online advertising platform, was creat.Online sales service GjirafaMall Gjirafa , vio platform with exclusive content GjiraVio point of interest business platform Arta Shehu- jCors & Labbox AcamyThe jCors Acamy was found in , with the aim of ucating the new generation about the technology sector fostering creativity. Three stunts of the jCors acamy have been winners of the prestigious Albanian ICT Awards .

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learning experience between stories electronics. Preparing children from an early age to solve problems creatively.The Labbox company has also been a gold mal winner in London last year, a finalist at SLUSH – one of the world’s largest startup events in Malaysia Phone Number List Helsinki, Finl.Currently, Labbox has gain investment from South Central Ventures (a fund of million euros, dicat to investments in small mium-siz technology companies in the Western Balkans). This investment aims to help the company bring unique technology products to the market.Hana Qerimi-Digital SchoolThe Digital School has the same mission, which offers stunts programming courses work practice, with an original curriculum.

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Of young people incareer, especially in a profession of the future such as the field of programming. The co-founr of the Digital School, Hana Qerimi, says that the system they are practicing among young people is still something new in the global UK Email Database aspect.ICT Awards – opportunities for technology information talents.Are we able to build a competition that fairly values ​​the work, effort passion of all those young men women who may have been disillusion by the reality that surrounds them?ICT Awards start with this question, a set of diverse awards for all Albanian entrepreneurs passionate about technology.Every year, prizes are award for categories:ictawards.

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