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You are choosing the wrong  The right selection of the advertising target is the basis to be able to talk about the effectiveness of the Facebook Ads campaign. You won’t get the desir effect if you give the algorithm the wrong priority of actions. Remember that it is a kind of information for Facebook what actions you would like users to perform. a campaign in the Ads Manager panel is choosing an advertising goal. Options include: Br Awareness, Reach, Traffic, Engagement, App Installs, Video Viewing, Lead Generation, News, Conversions, Directory Sales, Business Traffic. Spend more time in this step to consciously choose the advertising objective for your campaign.

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What can make this task easier for you? Read the description of each of them – how can they benefit your business? Is any of them able to provide the Germany Phone Number List expect result? Also, does the ad target support the formats you’d like to use? It happens that several goals have the potential to provide us with the desir effects, then it is worth looking at the financial aspects – some of the options may be a cheaper alternative for the previously select goal. Do you expect Facebook Ads to provide you with leads? Use the “Lead Generation” objective. Do you have an online store.

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Consider running a “Catalogue Sales” or Conversio nscampaign. Or maybe you run a network of local businesses? Then think about an ad bas on the “Business Traffic” objective. You abuse the criterion of “interest” in targeting If you’ve had contact UK Email Database with the Ads Manager panel at least once, you certainly know that Facebook campaigns provide a wide range of targeting options. Thanks to the available variants, we can direct our message to users who are or live in a specific location, as well as belonging to a given age range. But it is not everything! The segment “detail targeting options” opens up prospects for the precise creation of target groups. Advertisers have at their disposal a wide range of criteria in the areas of demographics, behaviors interests. The last one turns out to be the most difficult.

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