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By analyzing the available reports, we can freely mailing to achieve the highest conversion. Such statistics are an invaluable clue for the company. Key functions of the system for mass execution of SMS campaigns – Focus Contact Center. Make receive calls directly from CRM with one click Automatic logging of all calls to contacts in CRM. Recording, archiving playback of calls in CRM Creating advanc reports The use of SMS in individual industries The possibilities of mass SMS campaigns are us by companies of various types of activity. These are mainly enterprises operating throughout the country, such as the automotive industry, transport or logistics.

These companies maintain contacts

Not only with business partners, but above all with customers. Attach great importance to customer service. In such cases, we can assign a dicat account manager for the client, display the entire history of a given client with each contact. SMS campaigns Israel Mobile Number List are also great in the e-commerce industry , when we want to direct information to a large number of people, about a seasonal sale. In this case. Customer service after the purchase will be equally important. The tool for mass SMS campaigns Focus Contact Center offers the ability to fine an automatic. SMS communication process in accordance with the customer’s life cycle or fin triggers, individual stages of orr fulfillment or stages of the complaint process.

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Why Differences in the effectiveness

Activities in different channels. What effects to expect Why SMS ? The answer is simple – according to the statistics publish by the Office of Electronic Communications, over of Polish women men use smartphones! The Gemius data for Pol shows that of consumers shop online using a UK Email Database smartphone. While the website reports that in the third quarter of , . million people in Pol us mobile banking, . million customers of banks log in to online banking only by phone. According to the information publish by the Digital Care Group, only of users currently use their phones primarily to make voice calls! For most people, a mobile phone is a tool for exploring the internet using various online services applications. The reserve for direct telephone conversations is becoming more more visible.

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