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Earlier, the Sejm want to introduce, in the socall deregulation act, upper limit amounts for donations from a few people, which gave rise to many concerns. The Ministry of Finance explain that this would not affect fundraising for charity in any way. Share the article add to Favorites The Senate vot Wnesday to reject the deregulation bill in its entirety. Now it will return to the Parliament. This is an act amending acts in order to eliminate unnecessary administrative legal barriers. Read The Senate reject the “deregulation” bill in its entirety The motion to reject the bill, accept on Wnesday by the Senate committees, was submitt on Tuesday by Adam KO during the debate at the plenary session of the Senate.

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The Sejm pass an act amending acts in order to eliminate unnecessary administrative legal barriers, amending inheritance gift tax law It provides for a significant increase in taxfree amounts from July , everything would be fine if the legislator China Mobile Number List did not “overthink” by introducing limits on donations from several people. This gave rise to concerns that any donations, including donations for sick children, receiv in the form of various types of online screenshots will result in the ne to pay tax if these limits are exce. The amendment to the act on inheritance donation tax increases the taxfree amount.

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The upper limit amounts for donations from several people introduc to it were to eliminate possible abuses, explain the Ministry of Finance. Read in LEX Kowalski Radosław, How to avoid paying tax on donations on examples? The point is that if the UK Email Database value of the collection transferr by many donors to one organizer exces , in total, then the beneficiary would have to pay the tax. Currently, the obligation to pay the tax will only arise from individual payments above , , which come from persons who are not relat to the beneficiary of the collection. Individual people pay rather smaller amounts, while collective collections often result in high amounts, hence the negative effect of the amendment.

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