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Adding Google Analytics to Google Tag Manager One of the most popular tags configur in GTM is the Google Analytics (GA) tag. However, remember to make sure that it is not already install on your website before adding it. In this situation, it should be remov, otherwise the pageviews in GA will display double. This will make your stats distort not very useful. To add a GA tag to Google Tag Manager Go to the Tag section, then add a new tag. In the next step, select the tag type – Google Analytics. Then select the option to create a new variable enter your UA number in it, which you will find in the GA panel.

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Tracking code. Add an All pages rule. The last step is to save the tag upload the container. Adding GA to Google Tag Manager It should be not that Google is releasing a new version of the popular Analytics service call Google Analytics (GA ) It primarily collects Iceland Phone Number List event-bas data from websites apps. It is also possible to implement the GA tag in Google Tag Manager. To add the Google Analytics configuration tag Go to the Tag section, then add a new tag. Click the Tag Configuration field, then click Google Analytics Tag Configuration. In the next step, enter your, which you will find in your Analytics account. Select one of the available options Send page view event after loading this configuration Send to server container.

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Optionally you can add any configurable

Parameters or custom user properties. Then, in Rules, select the events that you want to trigger the tag. The last step is to save the tag upload it. Benefits UK Email Database of Google Tag Manager The biggest benefit of using the Google Tag Manager is that you do not ne to have comprehensive programming knowlge This eliminates the ne to cooperate with specialists. Thanks to this, the response time to the requir modifications is significantly shorten. This tool is not complicat, so even people who are not associat with coding on a daily basis can use it.

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