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It saves time and usually contributes to the increase of. Employee efficiency. Some activities are mechanized, which results in greater efficiency in solving problems (we focus less on the process itself and more on individual cases).Well, why do we need integrations? Our everyday life is working on many programs. We must learn to handle those that are. Necessary to perform our tasks, those that support them and turn this knowledge upsi down from time to time to move to their newer, “improved” versions. Some of the problems associated with this will help us avoid system integration. Digital transformation in business has forced most office workers to enter into a close relationship with many business systems for internal communication, for teamwork.

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Collecting data, for creating documentation, etc. What does this mean in practice for us? In practice, this means that we have to create our own paths. Between these programs to perform our tasks smoothly. Integrations can replace us in creating these Kazakhstan Mobile Number List paths. Many systems many problems The mere transition from juggling files in Excel to. Working on a professional database is not a digital transformation yet. It’s just an improvement of the tool. And the true finition of change is transforming processes, changing the way things work to be faster, more effective and one that allows you to set goals and execute plans in a controlled, measurable and efficient way.

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Change should be integration. We operate on many systems this is, of course, everyday life not only in customer service offices , marketing and sales UK Email Database partments , but also in finance and support partments. The need to use various, unrelated, inpennt tools for communication and collecting customer data, each of which has limitations affecting the quality and speed of work, is the everyday life of consultants and salespeople. This, of course, has its consequences. Consultants and salespeople spend a lot of time jumping between systems to al with the customer relationship.

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