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He also point out that such a foundation is to help family businesses continue to run their business for more than one generation. Read in LEX The measure of success gratitude. An interview with Adrianna Lewowska, president of the Family Business Institute Dozens of Senate amendments In the course of legislative work on the new regulations, the Senate propos several dozen amendments to the act mostly clarifying its provisions. The vast majority was also support by the Sejm. One of the amendments adopt by the Sejm obliges the government to carry out an evaluation of the operation of the act on family foundations after three years submit it to the parliament.

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Of family foundation stipulates that “the sanction in the form of dissolution of a family foundation in an organization should be relat to the fact that the founder or the management board did not submit the relevant notification on time, not to the fact that New Zealand Phone Numbers List the family foundation was not enter in the register” The change assuming the possibility of “combining” a family foundation the socall Estonian CIT. In the opinion of the senators, taxation in this way would encourage entrepreneurs to accumulate capital for investments, at the expense of dividend payments, which would constitute “an important proinvestment mechanism.

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The opinion of the Senate that the inclusion of the socall tax on income in buildings minimum income tax for taxpayers owning commercial real estate. As a result, the Senate’s amendment on this matter was reject by the Sejm. Read in LEX Wiórek Piotr UK Email Database Marcin, “Dark Side” of the family foundation? Comments from the perspective of German law A solution for many thouss of companies Let us recall that the basic purpose of the regulation is to enable the preservation of the assets of family businesses. They were often found over years ago, today their founders often already elderly are thinking about hing them over to good hs so that they continue to function well.

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