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If the content display of the page is block because the loading of a certain resource is very time-consuming, it must be consider. Therefore, we ne to use the resource loading sequence diagram to assist in analyzing the problem of the loading sequence of resources on the page. Figure 1-2 is the resource loading sequence diagram when Fiddler is us to grabbing the browser access address, and Figure 1-3 is the resource loading sequence diagram when the Chrome browser accesses the official website of. Maoyan Movies.  Diagram, we can intuitively see. The time and sequence requir for each resource loading process.

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On the page is helpful to find out the time-consuming file resources in the loading process and help us to optimize in a target manner. Summarize UK Cell Phone Number List Obtain and measure the performance of a page through the utilization Performance Timing API, Prpfiletools, page buri timing, and resource loading sequence diagram analysis describ above, and find out the time-consuming file resources during the loading process, helping us to carry out target optimization. Mical treatment must diagnose and find the cause. Front-end performance testing is a diagnostic work in front-end performance optimization.

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Only by finding the cause can target treatment optimization be carri out. In the process of using the website, we often encounter slow problems. In order to find the reason, we generally ne to use tools for detection. Through the tools, we can UK Email Database detect the details of the loading resources of the front-end site. Today, I will introduce you to several front-end performance testing and analysis tools. Combin with performance testing tools, we can quantitatively test the performance of websites such as time to first byte or rendering time. Some of these tools will also check whether resources are cach, whether multiple CSS or JS files are worth merging, and finally automatically give.


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