Wish your customers a Happy New Year with Digital Marketing

So I’m going to give you ideas for wishing your customers a happy new year, in the most original way possible, with Digital Marketing!

I break one of the principles and ideals of Malaysia Phone Number List Content Marketing, namely to create “evergreen” articles.

Kezako? Ever Green, translated from English, means “always green”.

An “ evergreen ” article   is therefore an article that has a long lifespan and whose content does not expire.

But once is not custom and the ideas contained in this article are applicable at the end of the year, for years

Generating ideas for your New Year greetings

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I often told you about it on #audreytips.

Digital Marketing is not just good “technical” practices, it is also a lot of creativity.

And to get real results that stand out from your competitors, put your creativity to work .

If your company has several people, end of year greetings are a great way to win-win at all levels!

And here are at least 4 main reasons.

Here are several reasons to involve your UK Email Database employees in generating ideas and implementing the idea chosen for the wishes:

Organizing a brainstorming session with your employees to find gift ideas to wish a happy new year is very positive.

Indeed, you access not only the creativity of your employees, but also non-professional universes.

Indeed, outside of work, your employees have their hobbies, their passions, their centers of interest, their groups of friends…

If the floor is free and they feel comfortable coming up with any potential ideas, you will have access to a flow of very good ideas.



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