When we talk about social media strategy for businesses. And professionals who want to attract customers and sell online. Most think of Instagram Linkedin or Facebook. But what about Twitter  Twitter is a social network used worldwide. To share content and news in real time so I could say that it is the TOP one to stay updated. And aware of the latest trends  However  very few draw up a strategy in it. They tweet and interact irregularly, without a specific purpose. And they are wasting opportunities for visibility and business growth. In this post I am going to tell you how to get followers. On Twitter effectively, with a strategic vision. The idea is that you can gain followers on Twitter to achieve your long-term objectives, whether recognition, visibility, or generating business opportunities.

Followers on Twitter

And within that definition of objectives, you must be clear about which people you want to reach. What type of followers do you want to get? If, for example, your intention is to gain visibility as a brand to reach more potential customers, it does not make sense for you to take actions to gain followers who would not later be interested in what company data you sell. On the contrary, you want people who are likely to buy from you to follow you. So define the profile of followers that you would like to achieve based on your objectives with your Twitter account.  – Optimize your profile Before trying to gain new followers on Twitter, it is important that you have your profile optimized. That means: An account and profile name that is easy to remember and defines you.

Share quality content

That your content makes logical sense and is 100% oriented to your objectives and the type of followers you want to achieve. They should be publications that may be interesting to the community you want to create, to generate the greatest number USA B2B List of interactions possible, and that are related to that objective you have in mind. If what you want is to position yourself, for example, as an expert in a topic or sector, the logical thing is that you share content related to that. If what you are looking for is to sell  Set a high frequency On Twitter, frequency is extremely important. Think about the number of people on the social network sharing content in real time.


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