5 Day Trips from Tokyo The Great Buddha

If you are thinking of spending more than a couple of days in Tokyo make sure you make the most of it. There are countless towns and villages around Tokyo, places that will amaze you, corners full of history, heritage and natural beauty.

Taking advantage of the hiking season in summer, you can climb to the top to enjoy a sunset that you will not forget.

Nikko , just two hours from Tokyo, offers visitors countless centuries-old temples and shrines, including UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Mount Fuji  the most famous symbol of Japan is only 110km from the capital

Admire the incredible progress of Yokohama , the Phone Number List most important port city in all of Japan and once just a town of less than 100 houses.

Kamakura , on the other hand, is still today a fascinating village in which vermilion red shrines and Buddhist temples flourish.

Below you will find our guide to enjoying these places and other destinations that will take your breath away. You can visit all of them in less than a day since they are a bullet train ride from Tokyo.

Kamakura Day Tour
Just an hour from Tokyo, Kamakura is a favorite choice for travelers when looking to visit historical monuments, temples, and shrines. A little known fact is that it was the first feudal capital of Japan (1185-1333), the time when Buddhism spread in the country.

Many guidebooks refer to Kamakura as the Kyoto of the East for its countless

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Historical monuments and cultural heritage. To give you UK Email Database an idea: Kamakura is a beautiful village with more than 65 Buddhist temples and 19 Shinto shrines distributed at the crossroads of the city and the mountains that surround it.

Kencho-ji is the oldest Zen monastery in Japan and the pride of Kamakura. Even today it continues to play an important role in the Zen religion. It is no coincidence that it is at the top of our list; Visiting this temple is essential.

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